ISO 55001 


Demonstrate effective asset management with ISO 55001 certification


Material assets such as machinery and vehicles must be managed cost-effectively and responsibly throughout their lifecycle: from design and fabrication through commissioning, operation, and eventual disposal. Non-physical assets such as intellectual property must be properly handled to increase their value and ensure their security.

A rigorous asset management system can help you to successfully manage your company’s assets in a way that ensures return on investment whilst complying with health, safety and environmental requirements. In turn, this enables you to boost profitability and stand out from the competition.


The most widely recognised system is defined in the ISO 55000 family of standards, built on 24 best practices. Applying this robust framework also enables you to implement high standards across your organisation and gain external recognition through ISO 55001 certification.

We support you with implementation a management system which meet the requirements of ISO 55001 Asset management – management systems – requirements.

Our blended learning offer can also help you integrate the concepts and application of ISO 55001. Specialist instructors with years of industry experience share best practices learned from practical auditing work in face-to-face sessions.



  • Establish an asset management policy

    that supports organisational objectives

  • Demonstrate compliance

    and ensure transparency

  • Identify opportunities

    for improvement

  • Reduce costs,

    boost asset ROI and optimise growth across the asset lifecycle

  • Evaluate

    asset management performance

  • Enhance

    your reputation by proving that your asset management is efficient, sustainable and compliant

  • Balance

    risk against cost efficiency in decision-making, for example when setting priorities for asset maintenance

  • Support from a global leader

    in testing, inspection and certification services

  • Improve awareness

    of your staff through training